Character of the week: 22-04-2014

Character of the week: 22-04-2014

This is a new column I decided to start. Since I watch a lot of dramas… Yeah, well.. Once I come back home from school I watch at least two episodes of new or old dramas. So I guess I have enough characters that I love and respect.

My first character ever is Park Dong Joo from Angel Eyes played by Lee Sang Yoon and Kang Ha-Neul(young).


Park Dong Joo is a very unique character.Considering his circumstances,his life is really a roller coaster. Yet,he gets on with it. I am amazed at how well Kang Ha Neul has displayed Dong Joo. I know that Ha Neul is an amazing actor,but then again,evoking varied emotions in a person in just 2 episodes is an ability that can’t be taken lightly.



Dong Joo after many years,is still quite the same. This is my first drama which has Lee Sang Yoon in it and I really like him. Not only for his acting but yes,for his charming looks *blushes*.

angeye1                                    angeye2



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