First Tdrama-Flop!

First Tdrama-Flop!


I always thought that I would be loyal to Kdramas and never ever watch other language dramas.But guess what? I did. I was disloyal and earned my punishment outright! It took me a lot of time and internet to actually find a good Tdrama recommended by many. At last I did find one. Literally everyone said it was worth it and is a must watch. I decided to watch it.


EP 1- Omg! This is soo much fun. I never had so much fun ever watching a drama since Boys Over Flowers. Damn!

EP 2- Yo sis! Come ‘ere! Found an awesome drama. Its Taiwanese though.

EP 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12- (Me and my sister) Okay this is the best! (pull an all-nighter)

EP 13,14,15- Seriously? I mean,I wasted about 15 hours on this? Why is God doing this to me? This is the end? There is no season 2? Like really? Is there no more? There’s a lot to be done yet! It can’t be the end!!!!!

I totally regretted watching this! Like so much! But, I will not say I won’t watch another Taiwanese drama. I will surely try something that’s worth.

AHH I forgot.The drama I watched was SKIP-BEAT!




2 thoughts on “First Tdrama-Flop!

  1. Thats bacause its just a part of the manga T- T even the.manga its not over. The drama takes like 100 caps and it has over 300. You should give a chance its like 100 better than boys over flowers.

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