Angry Mom- Why you should watch it.

Angry Mom- Why you should watch it.

Oh my god! It hasn’t ended yet and it definitely is the first on my top favourites of the year! The cast got me like wow! The characters got me like wow!The story got me like wow!

  • AIRING DATES- MARCH 18,2015-MAY 7,2015
  • EPISODES- 16

I really didn’t like Kim Yoo Jung for some reason after watching The Moon That Embraces The Sun. But you can tell, I have completely changed my mind! I love her, though her character is a little stupid in the beginning, I begin to adore her towards the end! She is so pretty as well!

Jo Kang Ja is the mother of Oh Ah Ran whom she gave birth to during her teens and she is the kind of mom who embarrasses Ah Ran at the drop of a pin. Kang Ja was a fighter at school and she still carries some of her traits. When Oh Ah Ran gets bullied at school, Kang ja has the urge to do something as no one else is wiling to. She tries,but fails. The only option left is to join school. Not as a teacher,but a student. She ensues to protect her daughter and Myung San High School is not really the school it portrays.

All the characters in the series are so adorable. There’s not a character I dislike and I’m talking of the good ones. My favourite character is Go Bok Dong  Hong Sang Tae  Go Bok Dong .. ARGHHH! I CAN’T FRIGGIN DECIDE!



Go Bok Dong is so cute! Every time he is on the scree, I go:


And when Hong Sang Tae (Baro) comes on…


I mean look at him! Like just look at him, such a cutie,isn’t he?!


There’s no reason not to watch this drama. None at all! I mean the plot is perfect, the casting is perfect and actors are not amateurs. The villians! Damn them, they are so good at their role, that the hate comes from inside of me. This drama is the one drama that I literally count hours before the subs are released.

I have one word for you. No, make that three.


Let’s Eat! The most intriguing drama right now!

Let’s Eat! The most intriguing drama right now!


Can I like seriously fall in love with something so much than this? I don’t think. At least not for some more months. What’s not there to like in a drama with lots of lip smacking dishes, 100% drool-worthy men (REMEMBER I SAID ‘MEN’ AND NOT ‘MAN’) and like some serious humour!



And I also mean that why not spend 1 hour watching this sexy drama with sexy actors,sexy plot line,sexy suspense and sexy everything! Like why not?



Also why not be the drink or even better-The Straw! I mean I have rights to imagine this,right?



The female protagonist! A fact worth mentioning- Her way of eating is like heavenly! Seriously,if she held some sort of training classes,I’d attend!

Now let’s get to the plot!

Woman in 30’s, man in 20’s,woman in 20’s,man in 30’s. What happens? They love to eat! Three of them stay in the same officetel. Unrequited love. And yeaah, I forgot, a murder!

TvN drama- Thursday


Interested in really hot guys? Some light humour? Crave new food? Like office oriented dramas? Then this is the one! Don’t hesitate. I love it!