Angry Mom- Why you should watch it.

Angry Mom- Why you should watch it.

Oh my god! It hasn’t ended yet and it definitely is the first on my top favourites of the year! The cast got me like wow! The characters got me like wow!The story got me like wow!

  • AIRING DATES- MARCH 18,2015-MAY 7,2015
  • EPISODES- 16

I really didn’t like Kim Yoo Jung for some reason after watching The Moon That Embraces The Sun. But you can tell, I have completely changed my mind! I love her, though her character is a little stupid in the beginning, I begin to adore her towards the end! She is so pretty as well!

Jo Kang Ja is the mother of Oh Ah Ran whom she gave birth to during her teens and she is the kind of mom who embarrasses Ah Ran at the drop of a pin. Kang Ja was a fighter at school and she still carries some of her traits. When Oh Ah Ran gets bullied at school, Kang ja has the urge to do something as no one else is wiling to. She tries,but fails. The only option left is to join school. Not as a teacher,but a student. She ensues to protect her daughter and Myung San High School is not really the school it portrays.

All the characters in the series are so adorable. There’s not a character I dislike and I’m talking of the good ones. My favourite character is Go Bok Dong  Hong Sang Tae  Go Bok Dong .. ARGHHH! I CAN’T FRIGGIN DECIDE!



Go Bok Dong is so cute! Every time he is on the scree, I go:


And when Hong Sang Tae (Baro) comes on…


I mean look at him! Like just look at him, such a cutie,isn’t he?!


There’s no reason not to watch this drama. None at all! I mean the plot is perfect, the casting is perfect and actors are not amateurs. The villians! Damn them, they are so good at their role, that the hate comes from inside of me. This drama is the one drama that I literally count hours before the subs are released.

I have one word for you. No, make that three.


My Girl – A classic

My Girl – A classic

One of the hit dramas of 2005, popular till date among drama fans.


This was the first drama I watched which is kinda old.I watched it only because I was outta new (in the sense,2008-2012) rom-coms and this was supposed to be a very good rom-com.

I was really surprised when I watched the first episode and realised that I already really liked the drama.Really,really liked it.I watched without taking a break until five in the morning. It is very rare that I actually stay up late to watch dramas,until and unless it is damn too good!

I will restrain myself from revealing the complete plot because it can be a spoiler at times.

All I will tell is, there is a girl ‘A’-Her life is complicated,under the vigilant eye of loan sharks. There is man ‘A’-Extremely rich and of course arrogant,who is looking for someone. There is another girl ‘B’- Awesome tennis player,connected somehow to our man ‘A’. There is another man/boy ‘B’- Also filthy rich also related to man ‘A’. When they all meet one another.The story becomes damn fun and twisted withing no time of their meeting.

The only reason that this drama became my favorite was because it had a plot that was kinda new to me. It had a lot of elements in it-from rolling on the floor fun to sitting in a corner tears. I have found that dramas during 2000-2006 were the ones that were most fresh and new.

Girl ‘A’ played by Lee Da Hae


Man ‘A’ played by Lee Dong Wook


Girl ‘B’ played by Yeon Si Yoon


Man ‘B’ played by Lee Jun Ki


See,looking at the cast itself you will want to watch it. I mean that’s how it was for me and trust me on this,if you like rom-coms and dramas with arrogantly-hot male lead,this one is for you. But lemme warn you,he ain’t all that arrogant also.