Let’s Eat! The most intriguing drama right now!

Let’s Eat! The most intriguing drama right now!


Can I like seriously fall in love with something so much than this? I don’t think. At least not for some more months. What’s not there to like in a drama with lots of lip smacking dishes, 100% drool-worthy men (REMEMBER I SAID ‘MEN’ AND NOT ‘MAN’) and like some serious humour!



And I also mean that why not spend 1 hour watching this sexy drama with sexy actors,sexy plot line,sexy suspense and sexy everything! Like why not?



Also why not be the drink or even better-The Straw! I mean I have rights to imagine this,right?



The female protagonist! A fact worth mentioning- Her way of eating is like heavenly! Seriously,if she held some sort of training classes,I’d attend!

Now let’s get to the plot!

Woman in 30’s, man in 20’s,woman in 20’s,man in 30’s. What happens? They love to eat! Three of them stay in the same officetel. Unrequited love. And yeaah, I forgot, a murder!

TvN drama- Thursday


Interested in really hot guys? Some light humour? Crave new food? Like office oriented dramas? Then this is the one! Don’t hesitate. I love it!